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GIANTS! Gaming: ex LRM) team !

GIANTS! Gaming:

Ficha del team "GIANTS! Gaming"

Jorge "arChie" Fernández (Head Manager)
Josu "Yukimaru" López (Redactor)

Pasildan and StarCraft 2 on NA

Replay Pack 1 -

Replay Pack 2 -

Select Eliminates D.C. Champ Idra in LBR6

The MLG StarCraft 2 community is in shock: D.C. Champion and heavy favorite Idra has been eliminated in LBR6 by Select in a 2-1 series. Select won the first game of the series with some fantastic Marine control, and Idra tied the series up in Game 2 with a massive Mutalisk army. In the third game, Select went for very early pressure on Delta Quadrant. He put three Bunkers at the bottom of Idra's ramp and shut down his expansion, forcing the surrender that was, at that point, inevitable.

Idra played extraordinarily well, but ran into some incredible competition from Nazgul in the Winners Bracket match that sent him down to meet Select in the Losers Bracket. Hot on the heels of his win at MLG D.C. — a win against, ironically enough, Select — Idra will walk away from MLG Dallas with a finish outside the Top 16.

· New Intel Deal With 180,000 USD for The Emperor and a New Team !

According to is BoxeR now in negotiations with Intel for a $180,000 a year deal for the Emperor, along with a $270,000 investment in a new team.

" It is true that we are currently in the talks with BoxeR for the sponsorship. It is not confirmed, as there are multiple issues and understanding between related parties.”

Intel will be giving Lim Yo-Whan a yearly salary of the incredible $180,000, and invest $270,000 in a new team for The Emperor if the deal is settled.

With his pro-gamer status ran out on November the 3rd, and SK Telecom announcing BoxeR as a retired man to KeSPA, only a confirmation from Lim Yo-Hwan himself is awaited from KeSPA to make it official, which will lead to him being able to join other teams. As for now, he is titled 'not contracted player', which does not allow him to sign with other teams.

- "We received request to make BoxeR as an retired player from T1 progaming team. But, this is not confirmed from BoxeR himself. We will announce the retirement status after confirming BoxeR's opinions first" said Lee Jae Hyung for KeSPA.

Champion is MorroW, congratulations of SC2ML !

We Have Our Winner

» IEM Gamescom: The grand final has been played. It is all over, find out who won the $5,000.

How do you spell 'the best player in the world'? MorroW. Stefan "MorroW" Andersson amazingly won the grand final of the Intel Extreme Masters at Gamescom 3-1 over IdrA.

It took them four games, and the young, Swedish Terran player came out on the top after amazingly taking down IdrA 3-1 in the grand final for Intel Extreme Masters at Gamescom.

I thought that if I went for reapers all the first games I could fake a reaper rush in the final game” - Morrow

Long games in the bronze final

» IEM Gamescom: Dimaga and Tarson played some long games before the winner was decided. $1,400 for the third place winner, $900 for the fourth place.

Dimaga and Tarson pulled through some very entertaining games in the bronze final for IEM at Gamescom, and after a 3-1 victory for Dimaga after five games, Dimaga took home $1,400.

The fourth game was very entertaning, but unfortunately after 30 minutes Tarson's computer crashed and they had to do a re-game. The fifth game did however turn out to be a great one as well, where Dimaga had the upper-hand the whole game, but Tarson somehow managed to defend himself every time until the Brood Lords popped up.

ESL World - $15,000 SC2 Tournament !

ESL in sponsorship with Intel Extreme Masters is hosting the largest Starcraft 2 tourament to date! Featuring a $15,000 prize pool, and with 16 spots avaliable, every player in the tournament will be walking away with a least $300 in their pocket.

ESL will be hosting the largest Starcraft 2 tournament to date, with a $15,000 prize pool, and coverage on EuroSport television!

The second Global Challenge of the Intel Extreme Masters is now announced to be featuring Starcraft 2 along with Quake Live. And subsequently is the largest Starcraft 2 tournament to date, with coverage from cable TV network EuroSport!

Prize Pool:
1st - $5000
2nd - $2,500
3rd - $1,400
4th - $900
5th-8th - $600
9th-12th - $400
13th-16th - $300

There are 16 spot in this tournament, 10 of which will be on an invite bases, based on beta performance from players all across the world. The other 6 spots will be decided from the top 3 players from the first two Go4SC2 cups, this Wednesday and Saturday

If you want to apply for one of these 10 invite spots, please send an email to

Everyone participating in this titanic tournament will be walking away with at least $300 in prize money.




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